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Stakeholder Effectiveness and Brand Marketing

We’ll help you move from old marketing and sales models to multi-channel stakeholder effectiveness. We achieve this by deploying the only truly nationally focused approaches and methodologies to help you gain access to niche, hard-to-reach stakeholders (e.g., over 4,200 oncologists worldwide, the strongest European payer panel and the most international peer-identified HCP KOL/influencers database).

We have offerings to help you at every stage of the product lifecycle, including:

  • Sales and marketing landscaping
  • Segmentation and positioning
  • Messaging and campaign effectiveness
  • Media mix optimization
  • Reputation management, including 360-degree validity feedback and social listening

In an industry that is focused on the rational, we use innovative research techniques to draw out spontaneous, deep emotional responses to your brand, even when the culture is set against self-expression. Our advanced methods teams are full of smart people who excel at distilling complex data to underpin clear and actionable marketing recommendations.

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Case study

Optimizing identification of the truly influential physicians, saving time and resources 


A multinational client working with a pre-launch product was looking for extra depth and supplemental knowledge to identify local, regional and national thought leaders. The client had a good baseline of the important national key opinion leaders (KOLs) in oncology but wanted to better understand them and identify any missing doctors, as well as to drill deeper into the local and regional thought leader base.