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Pricing & Reimbursement

Pricing a pharmaceutical product represents the "moment of truth." How will the perceived value in the marketplace translate into willingness to pay and ultimately a company’s ability to capture the value of their investment? How should price be managed in the context of new market entrants, new indications or new attributes?

At Kantar Health, we recognize that multiple decision-makers can create complex pricing challenges. We will leverage our in-depth knowledge of the pricing and reimbursement structures of global markets and the varying objectives of key stakeholders to optimize your pricing. We believe there is no universal pricing research technique and will employ customized analytics and consulting to address your needs - from early-stage identification of value drivers to final product launch pricing.

Our pricing expertise spans:

  • Geographies from the traditional (e.g., US, Europe) to the emerging (e.g., India, China, Brazil)
  • Unparalleled stakeholder reach, including access to payers, physicians, patients, pharmacists and other purchasers
  • Methodologies to suit all needs from the simple (e.g., Van Westendorp) to the complex (e.g., integrated multistakeholder linked-choice models that are unique in that they focus on real-world interaction and influence)
Please see our market access spotlight for further information or contact us.

Case study

Innovative approach transforms pricing strategy


Our client, a leading international pharmaceutical company, planned a premium brand launch in India and wanted our help to achieve the best possible price specific to the Indian market. Companies are free to decide prices of drugs not on the Essential Drug List in India. However, healthcare costs are primarily out of pocket; consequently, affordability is a key factor that affects pricing decisions. Another consideration was that, while the product would have exclusivity at launch, generics were expected to hit the market shortly after.