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Marketing Insights

Our clients see us as experts in product development and launch research. Our unique ability to combine strong methodologies with local knowledge, wide therapeutic experience and specialist expertise in areas such as launch strategy, market access, and oncology will help you make the right business development and licensing decisions, optimize your launch and guide key marketing decisions throughout the lifecycle. We can help you:

  • Minimize risk in making go/no-go licensing or clinical development decisions
  • Pinpoint which critical customer needs remain unmet by using unique segmentation and market landscaping techniques
  • Optimize the design of your Phase II, III and IV clinical programs by measuring the value of different product benefits, performance standards or indications
  • Forecast demand under various future competitive market scenarios
  • Maximize market access by proving the value of your product to those stakeholders who matter, optimizing the market channels to reach them and by establishing an optimum pricing strategy
  • Position your product in line with the needs of multiple stakeholders, develop impactful messaging and build strong brands that win ‘Power in the Mind’ as well as ‘Power in the Market’.

Case study

Focusing the client on key stakeholders to help them differentiate in a commoditized market


A leading European pharmaceutical company was facing growing commoditization and price erosion within its international hypertension (HTN) portfolio. To remedy this, they felt they needed to change brand direction quickly. They engaged us to help them determine the market opportunity and challenge the brand team’s proposed approach to the new positioning where necessary.