Europe: An Eclectic Mix of Mature, Evolving and Emerging Healthcare Markets

The eclectic mix of mature, evolving and emerging healthcare markets in Europe offers significant business opportunities for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device and diagnostic manufacturers. Whether it’s the EU5 – composed of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK – or the host of other culturally unique European countries, opportunities abound in this dynamic and diverse region.

With on-the-ground experts throughout Europe, Kantar Health delivers the experience and knowledge required to address both regional and country-specific issues. We provide proprietary, evidence-based data and insightful perspectives about patients, physicians and payers, as well as the keys to market access – allowing our clients to gain an invaluable leg up on their competition.

Kantar Health is your partner for success in Europe, with offices located in Bielefeld, Germany; Munich, Germany; London, UK; Epsom, UK; Milan, Italy; Madrid, Spain; Paris, France; and Budapest, Hungary.