Shining Greater Light on the Emerging Healthcare Markets of Asia-Pacific

Asia PacificAsia is poised to become the biggest pharmaceutical market in the world, powered by growth in China, India and Southeast Asia. These emerging markets are vitally important to the global healthcare industry from a treatment and growth perspective. With millions of people gaining access or expanded access to life-changing medicines and therapies, these markets present significant business opportunities for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device and diagnostic manufacturers, as well as other organizations delivering healthcare-based solutions.

For Kantar Health, these emerging markets are a core area of expertise. We have unique insight and substantial experience in these markets and deliver the local knowledge, evidence-based information about patients, payers and physicians, and market access to those organizations wanting to expand in this growing region.

Our teams are based in Australia, China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore, which is also our regional headquarters that support clients’ needs across Asia. . With these strategically-located teams, Kantar Health stands ready to help you access the Asia Pacific markets to grow your business.