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Market Access

Achieving - and sustaining - market access means overcoming an ever increasing number of hurdles. Payors are managing budgets by seeking the right drug for the right patient at the right dose for the right duration. It’s therefore important that your value proposition is highly compelling and that it can withstand the rigors of a dynamic and increasingly demanding reimbursement environment.

At Kantar Health, we believe that the key to ensure market access success lies in substantiating a compelling value proposition across the product lifecycle. We will help you identify, validate and optimize value early in the product development cycle, and support you in quantifying and substantiating it throughout the lifecycle. Continuous value development and communication aligned to stakeholder requirements will be applied across your product’s lifespan.

Our services to support this value-based approach align with key industry dynamics. We offer unparalleled access to a broad and growing range of stakeholders, global reach and local understanding including a strong presence in emerging regions. We can also exploit proprietary gold standard analytic and data resources to help you address the growing complexity of the inter-related and referenced markets.

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Case study

Unique approach to patient preferences and utility analysis demonstrates clear value drivers for payers


Our client, a leading European pharmaceutical company, was developing a new compound in peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The compound was in Phase III clinical trials to demonstrate its superiority in the prevention of death or amputation in severe cases. We were engaged to help demonstrate patient benefits and value to payers, a considerable challenge given the study was using surrogate endpoints because of the nature of the clinical endpoints.