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Emerging Markets

The rewards that come from getting it right in emerging markets are manifold, but so are the risks. You need a local partner that understands the opportunities and challenges presented by each unique market, now and in the future.

Our strong, on-the-ground teams have unparalleled stakeholder access at regional, national and niche levels. They will work with our extensive global network of scientific, clinical and commercial consultants to form the optimal team to accelerate your product onto the market. We offer best-in-class research solutions and proprietary multi-client offerings in epidemiology, patient-reported outcomes and oncology to help you make the right decisions at the right time to maximize your emerging market revenues.

Find our more about our capabilities, read our blog or get in touch with our regional experts: Graeme Jacombs and Vince Grillo in Asia Pacific, Sherif Shafick for Middle East and Africa, Pali Kollath for Central and Eastern Europe, and Rafael Garcia Pedrosa or Linda Verplanck for Latin America. 


Case study

Unique, emotion-led methodology takes the pain out of engaging doctors in the Middle East


A leading international pharma company was looking at launching a new brand in the Middle East in a therapy area where they already have a substantial portfolio. They came to us for advice on how they could win market share in a difficult market with significant value. They also wanted our input on the positioning of their brand within their existing strong portfolio.

We advised that, in a region with a substantial threat of generics, the challenge would be to capture market share for a more expensive drug. Knowing that when physicians prescribe drugs, they are working toward a promise of a better reputation and a better career, we also advised our client that stressing functional differentiation simply wouldn’t work as nothing about the process of prescribing drugs is rational or objective.