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White Paper | Aug 17, 2017

What Does GDPR Mean for Healthcare Researchers?

While the regulation aims to bolster privacy rights, GDPR arrives as a centerpiece of the EU Digital Single Market, an initiative designed to boost digital innovation within the EU. By harmonizing privacy legislation across the EU member states and carving out exemptions for scientific, historical and health research, the GDPR seeks to reconcile the often competing values of privacy and innovation.

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White Paper | May 24, 2017

Navigating the Regulatory and Compliance Landscape of Patient Centric Research

As the healthcare industry increases its focus on patient centricity, healthcare researchers find themselves gathering insights on and from patients through a variety of channels, making it more difficult for companies to navigate the regulatory and compliance landscape.

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White Paper | Feb 13, 2017

Genomics Sequencing and Precision Medicine - Are We Ready?

Genomic sequencing has been grabbing headlines recently with promises of potentially improving medical practice by tailoring the preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic care available to each patient.

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White Paper | Jan 26, 2017

ISPOR Insights January 2017

Explore our research from the ISPOR 19th Annual European Congress, featuring the innovative use of patient-centric data leveraging EQ-5D, wearable devices and EHRs.

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White Paper | Dec 6, 2016

IRB-EC Revealed

Trying to get IRB or EC approval is increasingly common in healthcare research. Healthcare research ranges from clinical trials, to real-world research, to observational studies, to opinion-based market research; which should obtain IRB/EC approval? Are all research types treated equally?

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White Paper | Sep 19, 2016

Regulatory Impact on the Future of mHealth Wearables

mHealth wearables enable a future in which healthcare professionals have easy access to relevant patient health data and greater connectivity with patient care.

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White Paper | Aug 8, 2016

Using mHealth Data to Understand Smoking Cessation

To help people quit smoking it’s important to understand why they find it so difficult to quit and how quitting can help improve their health.

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White Paper | Jul 7, 2016

mHealth Wearables Data Usage, Accuracy and Future Advancement

While web-connected technologies are attracting attention from the healthcare industry and consumers, they also raise many questions and concerns. Will the devices be prescribed by physicians or purchased freely in any retail store? How are mHealth data collected, shared and used? Are the data accurate and reliable? Can we regard wearable data as medical grade data?

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White Paper | Jul 7, 2016

Protecting Privacy in the Age of Patient Centricity

The healthcare industry’s focus on patient centricity has meant that healthcare researchers working on behalf of the industry are looking for patient insights through a variety of channels. However, researchers face many challenges in protecting patients’ privacy.

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White Paper | Jun 13, 2016

Real-World Research and Value: Insights from ISPOR International

Our team presented more than 20 research presentations at the 21st Annual ISPOR International Meeting. Explore our insights.

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