Helping Find Ways to Improve Patient Quality of Life

Endocrine and metabolic disorders are on the rise globally and so is the need for innovative therapies to better treat a wide-variety of serious, life-impacting conditions. You need a trusted partner with a full suite of resources to help you gain deeper insight into the changing treatment landscape, better analyze the role of new products and their impact on healthcare costs, and identify opportunities for meeting unmet need in the marketplace.

Position your products for market success

  • Insight into the empowered patient and strategies to leverage personalized medicine
  • Data and analytics solutions to identify and assess market opportunities
  • Guidance to differentiate your products clinically and commercially
  • Brand and promotional assessment tools to improve commercial effectiveness
  • Access to patient-reported outcomes data on 200+ conditions

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Users of Web-Connected Glucose-Monitoring Systems

2016-04 Web-Connected Glucose Monitoring_thumbKantar Health surveys the usage of web-connected glucose monitors among diabetic patients. Do patients using these systems have more or less control of their condition?

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National Health and Wellness Survey

NHWS 220x320

Kantar Health’s National Health and Wellness Survey (NHWS) is the largest global self-reported general population survey in the healthcare industry. NHWS provides disease-specific measures that help you size market opportunities, measure direct and indirect costs, and gain disease-specific insights to optimize the value proposition and inform brand strategies. Patient reported data is available for acromegaly, crushing’s, diabetes, goiters and other endocrine and metabolic disorders.

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Epi Database ®

Epi Database 220x320

Kantar Health’s Epi Database is the premier epidemiology database, covering acromegaly, crushing’s, diabetes, goiters and other endocrine and metabolic disorders. It's the gold standard of epidemiology data providing reliable, rigorous research and documentation in the G7 and key emerging countries.

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