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2017 PBIRG Annual General Meeting

Kantar Health will present and exhibit at the 2017 PBIRG Annual General Meeting taking place May 21-24 in Chicago.

How “Big Data” Can be the Perfect Complement to Primary Market Research
Monday, May 22 at 2:30 PM

Tom Haskell
Global Head of Data Analytics
Kantar Health

With the onset of the Affordable Care Act and any new variation of the ACA that may occur from the new presidential administration, it is clear that the United States is joining many other countries to shift the focus of the healthcare industry from providing service to providing better outcomes so that patients can live healthier lives. This is necessitating the pharmaceutical industry to better understand the outcomes of patients using their drugs, moving research away from just targeting high prescribers.

The proliferation of Real-World Data, such as Electronic Health Records, Insurance Claims, and Disease Registries, helps accelerate the ability for researchers to understand patient outcomes. The combination of patient surveys and Real-World Data can provide the industry better insights into understanding the multi-dimensional challenge of “better outcomes for patients.”

This presentation will discuss:

  • An overview of Real-World Data and the pros and cons of each type of Real-World Data in understanding outcomes in people suffering from different diseases, including examples.
  • The value of integrating Real-World Data with Patient-Reported Outcomes found in surveys to better understand the complete view of a person suffering from a disease.  It will discuss both direct patient linking vs. “look-alike” modeling to integrate data sets.
  • How bringing together media data can additionally help pharmaceutical companies better understand how to reach these patients in their quest to provide them with the proper information to facilitate better outcomes.

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