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Kantar Health will present at the 2017 PMRG CONNECT Conference taking place April 24-26 in Orlando, Florida.

Monday, April 24, 2017 - 3:10 - 3:50pm
Prepare the Future of mHealth Wearables


Jessica Santos, Global Compliance and Quality Director

The market for mHealth wearable devices (web-connected technologies) is exploding, with Statistica projecting that 601 million connected wearable devices will be in use by 2020, up from 97 million in 2015. Juniper Research projects the space will generate $53.2 billion in revenue by 2019. The general consensus is that web-connected technology that enables better personal health and wellness will be widely adopted globally.

While web-connected technologies are attracting attention from the healthcare industry and consumers, they also raise many questions and concerns. Will the devices be prescribed by physicians or purchased freely in any retail store? How are mHealth data collected, shared and used? Are the data accurate and reliable? Can we regard wearable data as medical grade data? The answers to these questions will inform the development of a new generation of wearables and determine their fate. Healthcare market researchers need to have a thorough understanding on its current position and future proposition to embrace this next generation phenomenon in our practices.

In this session, delegates will:

1. Gain better understanding of mHealth wearables’ current position from regulatory perspective
2. Develop a perspective on accuracy and reliability of the data generated
3. Learn how to utilize wearables devices in study design
4. Discuss data integration with mHealth wearables

For more information, please contact info@kantarhealth.com


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