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PALOMA-1 confirms expectations, but will it support regulatory filing?

7 Apr 2014, by Neesha Suvarna

Oncology Conference Insight: AACR - Final progression-free survival (PFS) data from the PALOMA-1 phase II trial was presented at the Plenary Session of the 2014 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR; Finn, abstract CT-101). Observers were expecting positive news, since interim analyses already had shown PFS benefit for palbociclib (PD 0332991, Pfizer/Amgen/Onyx) and Pfizer had indicated via press release that the final PFS results were positive (February 3, 2014).


Market Access

The Evolving Use of White Bagging in Oncology

28 Mar 2014, by Gordon Gochenauer

Channel dynamics are changing for physician-administered infusible drugs, with implications for practice economics, payer utilization management, site of care, and availability of data for manufacturers. Today, buy and bill’ is the primary method of distribution of IV oncology drugs, whereby oncology practices typically purchase these drugs from specialty distributors/group purchasing organizations (GPOs), which are then billed to payers under the medical benefit.


Emerging Markets

Reality or hype? The Egyptian healthcare ‘revolution’ post Arab Spring

17 Oct 2012, by Sherif Shafick

Since the 1960s, Egypt's health profile has grown to be more like developed countries, with longer life expectancy and higher productivity. Yet despite health programs to tackle Poliomyelitis, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis B/C and bilharziasis being offered at no cost to patients, disease rates for cancer, diabetes, heart and chronic respiratory are still high.


Additional marketing insights & consultancy

Creating opportunity out of industry change

10 Mar 2014, by Lynnette Cooke

Market research is no different than any other industry. If you don’t understand and react to changes in the market, a competitor will and your business will be at risk.