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Beyond KRAS exon 2: Research at ASCO and Important Treatment Implications for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

16 Jul 2014, by Stephanie Hawthorne

New biomarker data in metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) presented at ASCO 2014 showed clinical implications of RAS mutations. The influence of RAS mutations on testing and treatment patterns of mCRC has profound implications on a tumor’s behavior throughout the course of the disease.


Market Access

The Evolving Use of White Bagging in Oncology

28 Mar 2014, by Gordon Gochenauer

Channel dynamics are changing for physician-administered infusible drugs, with implications for practice economics, payer utilization management, site of care, and availability of data for manufacturers. Today, buy and bill’ is the primary method of distribution of IV oncology drugs, whereby oncology practices typically purchase these drugs from specialty distributors/group purchasing organizations (GPOs), which are then billed to payers under the medical benefit.


Emerging Markets

Empowering Children to Become Community Leaders

29 May 2014, by Lynnette Cooke

Transforming a community’s culture takes time and patience, especially when the community is spread out over many miles of rough terrain. But all you need are a few champions to create some momentum.


Additional marketing insights & consultancy

There’s no good in getting a diagnosis of what has already happened

24 Jul 2014, by Mark Sales

The new reality of brand marketing in the pharma industry is that any diagnostic tool needs to be clearly looking forward toward opportunities in the future – and that’s the main difference between it and all the approaches that have gone before.